Transmission range

When choosing a baby monitor, you may notice a transmission range in the specification. Should we expect a better transmission power when the number is larger? Can we compare it between different models?

Let me jump to the conclusion first. Sorry, both answers are NO.

First of all, transmission range is measured under an ideal environment, like line-of-sight, no obstruction and minimum interference. It is meaningless to consumers, as they will never use the baby monitor at this condition.

In addition, there is no unified test regulations in the industry. As a result, different makers have their own testing environment and measurement standards. Different setup and pass/fail criteria will surely affect the final measurement result. It means, the data from different models or manufacturers cannot be compared.

Frankly speaking, this number doesn’t mean much to users. Just don’t misuse it when choosing your baby monitor. I will be more constructive and talk some ways to improve transmission in next article.

Happy baby monitoring!

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