Setting up the camera

Always have a plan of where you put and how you mount the camera before buying the baby monitor.

It will be frustrating when you find your new camera cannot position right to capture your baby due to its mechanical design. To solve the problem, you may need to drill an un-wanted hole or mount it at another position. So, before you buy, you should consider if this baby monitor fits to your installation plan.

Most often, camera will be positioned at a higher elevation than the baby, to capture their activities over the crib. It usually won't be a problem, if you intend to wall mount it. Most of the cameras today able to provide adequate tilt down angle at wall mount installation.

However, if you intend to put it on a table or flat surface. You should consider if it can provide an adequate tilt down angle. Especially when it is very close to the crib, it means you will need a nearly vertical tilt down angle for proper monitoring. In addition, you should also consider the center of gravity issue. Some may easy to fall at max. tilt down angle when their base is too small.

Some cameras support tripod mount so it is more flexible to mount the camera in different location. Also, there are some 3rd parties mounting accessories available in the market which offer more choices to mount the camera in different scenarios.

Besides, FOV (field of view) of the lens is another concern. Take M1 as an example, the FOV is 70∘. If the camera is 1 meter away from the baby, the displayed image can cover up a 1.4m width area. It’s a simple calculation, so find out the FOV of your target baby monitor and make sure it won’t be too narrow or too wide to your setup.

Last but most importantly, take special care on power cord arrangement. Risk of strangulation should not be neglected. Make sure the power cord is properly tied up and away from your loved ones. Safety use is always our first concern.

Happy baby monitoring!

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