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Duration is a major concern on all portable devices. In this article, we will talk about the power consumption of different components in baby monitor and how to save power in your daily usage.

Duration depends on 2 main factors : battery capacity and power consumption. It is easy to understand that a larger battery capacity gives a longer duration. However, it also means a higher cost impact. In contrast, power consumption plays an important role at developer's view. Lower down the power consumption can effectively extend the duration, without adding much on product cost.

In a baby monitor, there are 3 components which consume most of the battery power.

1. Core IC and the RF circuits

2. Display

3. Speaker

Currently in the market, there are a few baby monitor solution (chipset) providers, like Novuton, Sonix and Mars. Some consume higher power and some have better efficiency, the difference have over 20% in some models.

However, the core IC and RF circuits comes with the baby monitor, user can do nothing with it. In addition, you can hardly find the chipset information, unless you are working in baby monitor industry.

So, we move on and discuss 2 other components which you can actually do something to save power. Both the TFT display and speaker drain a lot of battery power. Tuning down the brightness and volume to suitable level will help to extend the duration. Don’t always use maximum setting when it is not necessary.

Furthermore, there are some power saving functions like VOX and auto mute in the baby monitor. They shut down the video or audio system and trigger back on when noise detected at camera side (assume baby crying and needs attention). These are useful functions to save power from 2 main components. Enable them when applicable.

Normal Lithium battery guarantees 300 charge cycles, beyond that, it starts to degrade. So, you can assume the battery will start to degrade after 1 year of use. Sometimes shorter, depends on how frequent you charge it. Replacing a new battery will restore its original duration, but not all models support DIY battery replacement. So plan for it before buying.

Hope you find my article helpful. Free feel to leave me your comments.

Happy baby monitoring!

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