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Share some tips to improve the wireless connection of your baby monitor. No matter if you are using our baby monitor or other brands, they apply.

- Place both your monitor and camera at least 1m above the ground. Ground surface absorbs radio frequency. The closer you put it near to the ground, the weaker the signal transmission.

- All materials absorb radio frequency, some at a higher degree, like metal. So, when you choose a location to setup the camera or the monitor, avoid placing them near any metallic object or sealed environment.

- Wireless transmission performs best efficiency when the antenna is vertically placed. Adjust the antenna of your monitor and camera to a vertical or close-to-vertical position to get the best efficiency. There are some models which the antenna is embedded inside the body with no extension. As above mentioned, when the antenna is next to the circuitry board, signal transmission may be greatly affected. If transmission distance is your main concern, you should consider a model with extended antenna when choosing the baby monitor.

- Today FHSS baby monitors have a WiFi-friendly logic which detect and avoid jamming into WiFi operating frequency channel. Generally, it should work automatically. However, if you experience serious WiFi jamming problem, you may try :

1. Turn off both your monitor and camera unit.

2. Initiate a continuous data flow at your WiFi device, like streaming a movie. (make sure it is streamed by your WiFi, not 4G/5G connection)

3. Turn back on both your monitor and camera unit while movie is playing.

FHSS baby monitor cannot detect an idle WiFi channel. So, streaming a movie is to make sure the WiFi is working continuously. Turning off and on the baby monitor will usually trigger the WiFi-friendly detection (during startup). I cannot sure if it will work in all models, as different developers have its own way to configurate this logic. Anyway, give it a try when you experience interference issue.

I hope you enjoy my article. For any question, feel free to leave me a message.

Happy baby monitoring!

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