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Welcome to support page. Below you will find the frequently asked questions and downloadable materials of our aidios products. In case of any question, you are always welcome to reach us from Contact us page.



My monitor / camera unit does not turn on ?

Please follow below steps : - Make sure the electric wall outlet is working properly and powered on. - Make sure the A/C adapter is properly plug into the wall outlet and monitor/camera unit. - If the problem is at monitor unit, try to remove the battery for test purpose. - Power on the monitor/camera unit as instructed in user manual. - If problem exists, swap the A/C adapter from monitor/camera unit . Both A/C adapters in the package are identical. - Please contact our customer support if all attempts failed.

How can I upgrade the pan-tilt docking ?

1. Turn off the camera and unplug the DC jack. 2. Detach the camera stand and remove the protection label at the back side of camera. 3. Attach the pan-tilt docking to the camera. 4. Plug in the DC jack to the pan-tilt docking 5. Turn on the camera. That's it. The monitor will automatically detect the presence of pan tilt docking.

Can I switch cameras during Picture in picture (PiP) mode ?

You can switch the camera of secondary screen by pressing 'Left' arrow key. You can also swap between primary and secondary screen by press and hold 'Left' arrow key for 1 second. In addition, you can enable auto scan function simultaneously which switching secondary camera at an interval of every 10 seconds.

Can I enable VOX or Auto mute during Auto scan mode ?

No, VOX and Auto mute will be automatically disabled during auto scan mode.

What is the pan-tilt docking ?

It is a plug-n-play device to upgrade the camera unit. After upgrade, your baby monitor will have additional remote pan tilt, thermometer and night light function.

Where can I buy the M1 video baby monitor ?

aidios M1 video baby monitor and its accessories are currently available at Amazon US. Follow this link to our Amazon product page.


How to improve connectivity between monitor and camera unit ?

Please try below steps : - Place both monitor and camera unit 3 feet above ground. Ground surface absorbs radio frequency emission. - Flip out the antenna from the monitor unit and maintain a vertical position. - Avoid any metallic objects in close proximity to the monitor or camera unit. - Place both monitor and camera unit away from other 2.4GHz devices, such as WiFi router, microwave oven.​ There are some more advices and discussion in our blog (topic : Get connected ! ) Check it out !

Why the screen shows 'Signal lost ! Establishing connection' ?

It indicates the monitor cannot communicate with the camera unit. Please check below conditions : - Double check the corresponding camera is powered on. Blue power LED should be lighted up. - Make sure the camera number is correct. The camera number is displayed in camera icon at top left corner of the screen. - If you are not sure about the camera number. Press left arrow button repeatedly to cycle all 4 different camera numbers. - If all fail, please try to re-pair the camera unit as instructed in user manual.

Is WiFi needed to use this baby monitor ?

No. aidios M1 works on its own FHSS system and do not need extra device (like WiFi router). For more details, please visit our blog and check the article - FHSS vs WiFi.

How many cameras can be linked/paired to the monitor unit ?

Max. 4 camera units can be paired to the monitor unit. You are required to perform pair process for each new camera as instructed in user manual.

Can it be hacked ?

No. Unlike the WiFi camera which use an open protocol (TCP/IP), our baby monitor adpots the FHSS technology for data transmission. It is a self-developed frequency hopping system with our own encryption, so hackers cannot follow any existing protocol to hack in our system.

Can I setup 2 monitors for 1 camera ?

No. You can pair 1 monitor with multiple cameras (max. 4). However, each camera can only pair with 1 monitor at a time.


Why the screen shows black and white images ?

It represents the baby monitor is working at night vision mode. At default setting, the baby monitor will automatically detect light level and turn on/off the night vision mode. To make the detection working properly, please make sure the light sensor (at top of camera unit) is exposed to ambient light. However, if light detection fails to work properly in your environment, you can still manually turn on and off the night vision mode at menu mode.

Can I turn off the screen (audio only) ?

Yes. Press the 'Power' button once will turn off the screen (video off mode). Press any key will leave video off mode.

Why the screen image becomes purplish ?

It is likely that there is other IR (Infra-red) device operating at the same environment. It emitted Infra-red light and affected the capture image at day light mode, so the image goes purplish. Locate this device and turn it off will solve the problem.

Can I connect it other larger displays, like cell-phone, TV ?

No, there is no output slot for video or audio signal.


How to avoid feedback noise (shrill sound) ?

- Avoid placing monitor and camera unit close together. - Decrease the volume level of monitor unit.

Why the sound cuts in and out ?

It may due to the 'Auto mute' function. Auto mute will turn off the speaker when the camera side is silent. Turn off the Auto mute function in menu mode will solve the problem. When monitor unit is at marginal reception area, the sound may cut in and out due to poor connectivity. Please try to improve the connectivity as described in this FAQ.

Can I turn off the sound (video only) ?

Yes. At general mode, press the down arrown button repeatedly to adjust the volume level to zero. A red speaker icon will be shown indicates the system is mute.

Can I control lullaby or nature sound function for individual camera ?

Yes. Each registered camera can play lullaby or nature sound individually.

What can I hear in Picture in picture mode (PiP) ?

Only audio from the camera of primary screen will be heard in Picture in picture (PiP) mode. However, you can swap between primary and secondary screen by press and hold 'Left' arrow key for 1 second.

What can I hear from the monitor unit when lullaby or nature sound is playing ?

You are likely to hear only the lullaby and nature sound from the monitor unit. The environment noise including your baby's sound may not be heard. It is because the speaker and microphone are located in same compartment. The lullaby and nature sound will cover all other sound during playback.

Can I turn off the alert sound (Low battery and out-of-range) ?

Yes, you can turn off either Low battery alert or Out-of-range alert or even both in menu mode.

I have 2 cameras, can I hear both cameras at the same time ?

No, since there is only one audio system (speaker) at the monitor unit, so you can only hear the sound from one camera at a time. However, you can activate auto scan mode to monitor each camera for 10 seconds repeatedly.


Can I use the adapter overseas ?

Yes, the bundled adapters are auto switching type, support 100V to 240V, 50Hz to 60Hz. However you may need a plug converter to support different electrical sockets in different countries.

How long is the adapter cable ?

It is 6 feet (183cm) long. Adapters for both monitor and camera are identical.

Is there a thermometer ?

There is a thermometer equipped in the pan-tilt docking, but not in the basic version.

Can I replace the Lithium battery ?

Yes, the Lithium battery at monitor is replaceable. Our official replacement battery is available at Amazon US. Note : You are not advised to use batteries from any 3rd party sellers/manufacturers.

Is there any battery at the camera unit ?

No. You need to plug in the adapter to the camera unit.

Does the camera emits red light during night vision ?

No. the camera emits 940nm IR light during night vision, which is invisble to human eyes.